Consultant Services


Through the provision of consultant services, Parklands has generated revenue to support the regional community and maintain the regional bush parks. 

Collectively, Parklands Rangers have over 90 years hands-on land management experience and more than 30 years community development experience.  Our commitment to a partnership culture requires an active understanding of community consultation, engagement and stewardship processes.

Facilitating Public Access to Public Land

Parkland Rangers have developed an effective strategy in change management when working with Crown land licensees and neighbouring landholders.  This has been utilised to implement environmental and recreational projects.  Parklands can help facilitate a collaborative outcome for clients.

Vegetation Offset Management Plans

Parklands wrote the first Vegetation Offset Management Plan in this region in 2005.  All the plans that have been written by Parklands since then have been approved reasonably quickly, enabling the Developer to proceed with their works and the offset works to commence as required to meet State Government legislation.  Current contracts to implement 12 Developer Offset projects include annual monitoring (transects and photo points), measuring outcomes and annual reporting.  This considerable hands-on experience in the region means we are able to write Vegetation Offset Management Plans suitable to the local climate and conditions.

Feasibility Studies

Parklands has secured project funding and successfully implemented over $2 million worth of capital grants. These have been successfully implemented within budget due to Parklands skills and expertise in developing realistic budgets and timelines (conditional on weather). 

One example of the extent of this expertise includes a consultancy where a three hundred page Land Management Program was produced, detailing ten years of capital, recurrent and maintenance works across 80 public land parcels for a client.  This included ground truthing and mapping over 150km's of fences and other assets.

Site Assessments

Rangers have participated in Habitat Hectare Score training.  Photo points and transects have been monitored annually for the past five years across the regional parklands to measure and monitor the impact of various land management arrangements.