Growing Green Voluntary Offset Program

Growing Green Voluntary Offset Program

Offset your business carbon footprint by participating in the Parklands Albury Wodonga's voluntary Growing Green Carbon Offset program.

Think Globally

Now and in the future, Australia faces many natural resource management challenges to maintain its healthy landscapes and sustainable use of its natural resources. Climate change presents challenges, as well as opportunities, for activities that target complementary greenhouse and natural resource outcomes. 

Under the Kyoto Protocol, Australia and other developed countries, have agreed to targets and mechanisms to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are believed by most climate scientists to be gradually warming the planet. These increases are projected to be between 1-6 degrees Celsius, over the next 70 years.

Act Locally

Revegetation to enhance biodiversity and repair degraded lands can make an important contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect. Industry, government, communities and individuals can help offset their greenhouse emissions through contributing to revegetation activities.
Locally, parklands will be offering businesses and organisations the opportunity to offset their car emissions through helping to revegetate the regional parklands through the Forest and Woodland packages.

Woodland Option

In 2005, Hume became the inaugural member of "Growing Green" with the staff and their families planting 700 plants on Gateway Island to offset the carbon emissions of their fleet. Hume chose to take up the Woodland option of the program to provide a more balanced revegetation project. In addition to the 17 trees required to take up the emissions, Hume planted a further 85 understorey plants per vehicle.

One of the important aspects that attracted Hume with their involvement in the program is the ability of the regional parklands to create an amphitheatre effect for Albury Wodonga. In effect, the regional parklands have become the "lungs" of the Cities, taking up their carbon emissions.

The Woodland option allows the organisation or business to undertake further beneficial action for the environment. This involves planting an additional 85 understorey plants, so that the planting provides a carbon sink and a balanced revegetation of the project area. A one year membership is $220 (+ GST) per vehicle with 15 trees and 85 understorey planted per vehicle. If the business or organisation assists, membership is $170 (+ GST) per vehicle.

Forest Option

Wodonga Institute of TAFE became the inaugural Forest package member, planting 700 trees at Huon Hill Parklands, on a cold, wet windy day in September 2006. This package covers the basic requirements to satisfy the carbon offsets required per vehicle per year. As such the planting will be in a forest-type project where one year membership per vehicle @ $37.50 (+ GST) will see 17 trees planted. If the business or organisation assists with the planting, membership is $30 (+ GST) per vehicle.
The Institute partnered the program, in growing the plants for both plantings through its Horticultural Department.

Parklands are excited to have Hume and Wodonga TAFE partners in establishing the most magnificent lifestyle in the region through the development of the regional parklands.

Simple Steps to Act Locally

If your business or organisation is interested in becoming part of this growing green program, please contact Parklands on (02) 60236714 or click here:

Step 1: To calculate your footprint, there are a number of credible websites, such as:

Step 2: Choose which type of Offset Program.  Ideally plants are ordered in October - November to ensure local provenance native seedlings can be supplied for the following winter

Step 3: Select a date and time, such as Saturday morning or Friday afternoon, for a workplace planting activity over the Autumn or Winter, followed with a celebratory BBQ lunch. 

(Information sourced from the Australian Greenhouse Office)


Parklands Albury Wodonga's voluntary Growing Green Offset Program