Bhutanese refugee community thrives in regional Australia

They were expelled from their home country and left to languish in refugee camps. But after years in limbo, more than 1000 Bhutanese refugees have found a home in regional Australia.

In this video, Rohit says most of the people inside the camps had worked on farms before fleeing Bhutan.

“Our parents used to talk about how they used to work in the fields…they used to tell their stories like how they used to sow the seeds of the corn or how they used to harvest the rice.”

Today, Rohit is one of two Bhutanese refugees running a garden project in a large area of public parklands in Albury-Wodonga. The project is aimed at getting local Bhutanese involved in community, particularly elderly refugees who often struggle with language barriers.

Rohit believes they will benefit from working on the land as they once did in Bhutan.

"We may bring our parents here so that they can remember those days and forget the sorrow and sufferings that are filling in their hearts.”

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Click on the link to this SBS website page: SBS Documentary 22 Dec 2015