Monitoring Glider Nestboxes

Monitoring Glider Nestboxes

Event Date: Monday 16th April

Parklands Rangers will lead this series of field sessions for community members on nest boxes for arboreal mammals such as sugar gliders and squirrel gliders. If you have nestboxes in your yard, on your property or want to get involved with the boxes in your local reserve, this workshop is for you!

This will be a hands-on experience where people will learn to check the condition of nest boxes, use a pole camera to check boxes for occupants, and use a citizen science platform to record data.

No previous experience required. Children are most welcome under the supervision of parents/teachers.

Meet at the Elliots Lane access into Drapers Reserve (off Drapers Rd).

Please dress for the weather and bring your water bottle.

Places are limited so registrations are essential please. 

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