Rail Trails for NSW gathering at Balldale

Event Date: Sunday 29th September

PAW is happy to promote this Rail Trails for NSW gathering on Sunday 29 September 2019:


We are very pleased to invite you to a special occasion to officially launch a rail trail to be developed in the area to bring tourists and the employment benefits they bring to small rural communities and show your support for such a project that supports safe, healthy riding and walking in the area. Please wear a nametag and on it show the name of your club/group.

We are very keen to have the support from Victorians as it will demonstrate to NSW the support they will gain from the first cross border RT in Australia. The wonderful Victorian RT network presently stops at Wahgunyah. Many of our members have ridden to Wahgunyah over the past years to turn around and ride back to Rutherglen and further on that popular Rail Trail called the Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail.

When: SUNDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2019, 12.30 PM
Please bring you own lunch as we are a not for profit organisation and are not sponsored by the NSW Government and unable to cover these costs.

The newly elected Member for Albury Justin Clancy MP will be attending. Many would know Justin as he comes from the district and has Veterinary Clinics in Albury and Wodonga. He is very keen to help establish tourism and the benefits it would bring the towns in his Electorate.

We would like riders to arrive by 12.30 pm as we expect the media to come at that time.

We will meet at the Balldale Hotel, which has been closed for many years but is undergoing extensive renovation with the intention of opening soon. We will meet with the new owners of the Pub, constructed in 1905 and they will take us through the hotel and tell us their story of why they chose to rebuild in Balldale and their vision of the opportunities they see in the Riverina. We will gather on a grassed area, just near the platform and in front of the hotel. Children are welcome with play equipment available.

1. RSVP by email to: lyn-a-scott@bigpond.com Asst Secretary Rail trails for NSW.PH: 02 9908 1863

2. By Sun 15 Sep 19: Please provide – Club/group name, Estimated numbers attending,
Contact member and Mobile number

3. By Sun 22 Sep 19: Please send a complete list of members attending and the leaders name on the day and mobile phone number to MISS LYN SCOTT ASST SECRETARY RAIL TRAILS FOR NSW to the email above.

These details will be a great help when we are preparing our media release for the day. Also, it would be very helpful for us if you would have your members list which RTs they have ridden, which State or country and the number of times.