Tallangatta Tall Trestle Treadle

Tallangatta Tall Trestle Treadle

Event Date: Sunday 13th October

This year the Tallangatta Tall Trestle Treadle will include the official opening of the restored Dry Forest Creek Bridge.

The completion of this bridge is a major milestone for the volunteer management group and allows the use of the Darbyshire to Bullioh section of the High Country Rail Trail for this years ride. The bridge restoration, along with trail grading and rolling of the track, mean the trail is now linked and in excellent condition. 

This year riders will be bussed to Shelley Station. From here they will ride on the High Country Rail Trail, crossing the Koetong Creek, near the Edgars Road Bridge, then onto the Koetong Station.

The riders will be served quick morning tea of fruit, tea and coffee and scones will be available at this stop. This section of the ride is through native and plantation forest.

From Koetong Station, the ride continues to Boggy Creek, (including a short ride on the Murray Valley Highway), to the Darbyshire Station. In this section riders can take in the views of the historical tall wooden trestle bridges. These bridges are the tallest trestle bridges in Victoria. Then, continue to wind their way down to Dry Forest Creek, Bullioh, for lunch and an official opening of the bridge.

Buses will provide the transport for the next section of the journey, to the old Tallangatta lookout stop. From here, an easy ride back to Tallangatta to enjoy afternoon tea at the Goods Shed.

If interested in participating, entries open on Friday 9th August and will be taken until 12th October. Registration form below.

Further information www.highcountryrailtrail.org  or on Facebook.

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