DIY Park Activities: Keeping a Lookout

DIY Park Activities: Keeping a Lookout

Posted: 09 April 2020

Looking for ways to volunteer whilst getting exercise? Parklands need eyes on the ground to update us with any risks or hazards in the parks we manage.

Once identified, we can prioritise fixing anything that is high risk or work towards fixing lower risk issues.

These days we are not as able to get out and about as we usually do, but we do know our bush parks and trails are being well used as people seek fresh air and exercise. We need your help to keep our regional parklands network safe.

Parklands has an easily accessed, online form that our Rangers use to collect information on any risks that are identified out in our parks, using a smartphone or tablet.  We can share a link to our form and talk you through collecting data, then off you go and enter data as you identify risks around the parks.

If risk management is your thing, we'd love to hear from you. As our office is currently closed, please email us at or phone 02 6023 6714