There’s so much to explore on your doorstep…

There’s so much to explore on your doorstep…

Posted: 08 January 2014

We are fortunate to live in one of the great parts of Australia. Albury Wodonga has so many hills, rivers, lakes, parks and recreational pursuits on offer; we really are spoilt for choice. If you're anything like me and have gained a bit of girth over the festive season, then consider getting out and about to explore some of the great walking tracks that are on offer and start burning off some of that Christmas pudding. If you've managed to behave over the break, then why not get outdoors to reconnect with nature and relax before the holiday season is over?

If you reside in Wodonga, think about checking out some of the walking tracks on the surrounding hills, including Swainsona Reserve which is a short walk option and great for bird watching, or try McFarlanes Hill for a longer and more scenic walk, both of which are accessed off Felltimber Creek Road. Federation Hill is another good option with shorter and longer walks available. On the warmer days, escape some of the heat by checking out the Lower Kiewa River walking track, which is accessed off the Murray Valley Highway downstream from the bridge at Killara (near the new housing development). This track also offers access to some nice fishing spots along the river, as the picture above shows.

For those of you on the Albury side of the river, there are some shorter walk options on Eastern Hill, or for those fitter people (or those who really overindulged over Christmas) there are some much longer (and sometimes steeper) options available on Nail Can Hill – but get out early or in the evening though to beat the heat.  There are also some more gentle options for the hot days which follow the Murray River through Gateway Island, or from Noreuil Park through Padman Park to West Albury.

These are just a few of the great walks we have on our doorstep. For more information on some of the walks check out the following page on the Parklands website: