Rain primes fresh market garden beds

Rain primes fresh market garden beds

Posted: 05 November 2015

The recent rains have perfectly primed the newly made beds of the Community Market Garden on Gateway Island. Hard working volunteers have been rapt to see the first signs of growth this week, as radishes propogated at the National Environment Centre have taken root.

The site has been transformed over the last few months from cow paddock to serious garden. Volunteers have set up the infrastructure and irrigation system with the generous support of local businesses, done the heavy lifting and the heavy digging, and the beds are now ready for planting summer vegetables.

From now on it is down to the business of producing veges; planting, watering, keeping the weeds down and later in summer, harvesting. If you would like to be involved, the garden is open and buzzing every morning Monday to Sunday. With half a hectare of garden beds there is plenty to do and you will be welcomed with open arms!

What do we plan to do with the summer harvest?  

The proceeds from this year's harvest will be reinvested into purchasing more organic seed so that this market garden can get the momentum and scale that is needed to make this a viable community enterprise.  We encourage volunteers to get involved and help make this garden a place of cross cultural conversations and shared learning.  Together we do better!