Youth Enviro group kicks off on wheels

Youth Enviro group kicks off on wheels

Posted: 29 June 2017

Last Sunday eight local young people braved the cold and dared the pending rain on their first adventure in Youth Landcare. The event was organised by members of Wodonga Council's 2017 Youth Leadership program, with support from the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network and Parklands.

The day started cold and early in Wodonga loading bikes and gear before heading up the Riverina Highway to Koetong. Regional Landcare legend Lyn Coulston addressed the group over morning tea at the old Koetong Railway Station site, talking about her journey in Landcare, the threats to biodiversity in the area, the issues faced and work landowners are doing up in the High Country. 

Following a hands-on introduction to woody weeding and a quick blitz of the weeds at the site, the group mounted up and tackled a half-day of mountain bike riding down the wilder section of the High Country Rail Trail to Granya. Lunch at the amazing Darbyshire trestle bridge on the way was a welcome break, shortened by the impending rain and dropping temperatures.

By 4pm the intrepid riders had gathered at Granya Road, rosy cheeked with cold and slightly damp but exhiliarated with both the ride itself and the success of their first venture.

It is hoped that this event is just the beginning of a new Youth lead Landcare group modelled on Intrepid Landcare. Intrepid began in Wollongong and is an adventure-based approach to Landcare, where young people support Landcare projects - their own or existing Landcare groups - while enjoying outdoor adventure experiences.

If you are interested in learning more please contact the group via their Facebook Page, or follow up with us: