Home DIY - Construct a Habitat Tripod

Posted: 30 April 2020

Searching online during the national Pollinator Count week, we came across a great site for backyard DIY projects.

The Pollinator Link® project is a not-for-profit social enterprise creating wildlife corridors for urban spaces. Based in Brisbane, the Pollinator Link concept is to use backyards, parks, school grounds and even unit block balconies to link patches of bushland habitat fragmented by our urban environments. See more here: https://pollinatorlink.org/create-a-pollinator-garden/

We were especially impressed by their DIY Habitat Tripod plans, which would be a perfect weekend project for any backyard, creating a unique garden feature and providing food and shelter for small birds in your garden. The plants recommended suit Albury Wodonga gardens just as well.

Dowload the plans here: https://pollinatorlink.org/build-a-habitat-tripod-for-small-birds/