Stitching up the Working for Vic program

Stitching up the Working for Vic program

Posted: 03 May 2021

Members of the Wodonga Working for Victoria team spent their final day with us last week hand stitching chain mesh to steel railings on Gateway Island.

Securely attaching the mesh completes the new handrails forming safety barriers on Gateway Island pedestrian bridges.

Having these safety rails in place brings rail trail access another leg further, now linking all the way from the NSW border through Wodonga up to the High Country.

A big thanks to the WFV Wodonga team: Fraser, Gabi, Blake, Isaak, Raegan, Craig, Chris and James for all of the great work achieved in the past 6 months. Your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm have kept the ball rolling on many of our on-ground projects and created a great boost to morale for Parklands volunteers and Rangers alike. This work would not have occurred without you during Covid restrictions.

Our thanks also to the North East Catchment Management Authority for managing the WFV program locally, providing valuable assistance to Trust for Nature landholders, Parklands, Landcare and Friends groups in the local area.

Parklands have been pleased to support the WFV team with use of the depot, loan of equipment such as tools and trailers, and welding services for necessities like prefabricated fence strainer posts. We now welcome Chris, Fraser and Isaak to our team of casual Rangers.

Ranger Tilak takes a breath for the final stretch
Finished! An impressive and much safer view over Flanagan's creek