Community plantings for nature corridors

Community plantings for nature corridors

Posted: 26 July 2022

Parklands Rangers have been thrilled to work with such a broad range of people over the last few weeks, all coming out to help put native vegetation back into local crown reserves.  

With school groups from Victory Lutheran College and Wodonga Catholic College, as well as staff, customers, friends and family from Bank WAW, we have planted nearly 2000 native plants into once bare cow-paddocks off Carrolls Rd in West Wodonga.

These plants will, in just a few years, form a shelterbelt for neighbouring farm paddocks – reducing wind and providing shelter and shade for livestock.

More importantly, they will provide habitat for native species. Fungi, insects, birds, marsupials and reptiles will be able to re-colonise the site quite rapidly, gradually building back the natural ecosystem. The corridor created will provide a vital link between larger patches of bush, allowing safe passage and food supply for native wildlife to traverse the physical gap between genetic groups and, hopefully, maintain the viability of regional populations.

Thanks to all who helped with this important work.

Not just planting plants...

Not just fresh air and sunshine…

Not just a fun few hours with friends and family…

You have helped to reverse ecosystem decline!

This project is supported by Parklands Albury Wodonga, through funding from the Australian Government’s Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program.