Managing spring grass growth with livestock

Managing spring grass growth with livestock

Posted: 25 July 2022

To reduce the bushfire risk associated with long grass in summer, public land managers including Parklands utilise grazing as a technique to reduce fuel loads in the growth season.

This means allowing local graziers to put livestock (sheep and/or cattle) in some of the bush parks we manage for a limited time during spring, to eat the spring growth.

Parklands-issued grazing licenses stipulate the length of time livestock can graze a particular site. This ensures the benefit of fuel reduction while protecting native vegetation and preventing land degradation.

Parklands grazing licenses also place some limitations on the type of livestock which can be grazed on the Crown lands. For example, we are working with local graziers to phase out the grazing of cows with calves under 8 months old in public access crown lands in Wodonga.  This is a risk management precaution, as cows with young calves can be dangerous to people.

Parklands Albury Wodonga thank grazing licensees for their time, patience and expertise in working through the issues surrounding dual use of these sites.

If park users see cows with young calves in parks we manage, please do not enter the area and notify us immediately at