Interpreting Swainsona Nature Trail

Interpreting Swainsona Nature Trail

Posted: 25 January 2022

The newly installed interpretive signage on Swainsona Nature Trail reflects the rich diversity of the area.

With stories of the cultural resources and unique features of the reserve, four new signs have been installed on the trail and lookout in Swainsona Conservation Park.

The artwork for these signs is a stunning original work by local First Nations artist Mick Bogie featuring dragonflies, wildflowers and stringybark trees – all of which visitors to the park will find aplenty.

Throughout spring and summer, Swainsona Conservation Park is a hive of activity with bees and butterflies busy pollenating the many wildflowers.  This year the activity has been extraordinary due to regular rains extending the growing and flowering season.

We recommend a trip up Felltimber Creek Road in West Wodonga to check out the new signs in-situ.

Thank you to the Commonwealth Bank for their financial support for this project, which includes interpretive, track head and wayfinding signage across all of the Wodonga Regional Park network.