Parklands & Murray Valley Centre - 15 years of partnership

Parklands & Murray Valley Centre - 15 years of partnership

Posted: 25 January 2022

Travellers Creek in West Wodonga is a great place to mellow and reflect on 15 years of volunteering by the Murray Valley Centre team.

The plants here were guarded by the MVC team, stock watering point barriers installed, and sign posts and chicanes concreted in.  Many hands have certainly made light work over the past 15 years.

One of the Border's oldest providers for the disabled, the Murray Valley Centre in Wodonga will be managed under Lavington-based Kirinari from early 2022.  Kirinari was created in 1988 to provide accommodation to the disabled, while the Murray Valley Centre runs day activities and a workshop over two sites.

Covid19 restrictions have impacted people in the region living with disabilities as well as the level of funding that organisations like Murray Valley Centre need to deliver their day programs.  The advent of the NDIS over the last three years has been the catalyst that's driven the need for this merger.

Parklands looks forward to the continuation of this very successful volunteer program in partnership with Kirinari.

Over the years MVC volunteers have enjoyed the outdoors and made a significant contribution to restoration efforts in the local bush parks with us.