Padman Prefects Clean Up!

Posted: 24 March 2016

Padman-Mates park received some enthusiastic TLC on Clean Up Australia Day when secondary students and adult Guides converged on the park.

Twenty three volunteers, from just 3 years of age and upwards, collected 7 bags of recycling and 6 of general rubbish.

Much of the rubbish was found on Padman Drive roadside, with a pile of garden waste found in the park itself.

The volunteers consisted of the Murray Olave peer group of adult girl guides and a cohort of Year 12 prefects from Albury High School. Ranger Tim Alexander, who has been working on the Padman-Mates Park restoration for many years, was very impressed with both the turnout and the thorough job done.

Thanks to all for your efforts on this Clean Up Australia Day!

Albury High School students pause for a photo opportunity.Top Row: Matt Armstrong, Tim Lutton, Harry Duck, Liam Mackay, Jemma Haberman, Rebecca Smits, Katy Smits. Bottom Row: Beth Dougherty, Claudia McCulloch

Job well done! Murray Olave peer group Leanne Mathews, Lorraine O'Hare, Wini Cooke, Heather Knight and little Emma Cooke, then students (holding bags) Annabelle Jones, Phoebe Orton, Ruxi Geng, Jemma Haberman, Katy Smits.