Parklands events and lockdowns

Parklands events and lockdowns

Posted: 24 August 2021

Another lockdown and Parklands are doing our best to keep our community safe AND keep our parks in great shape.

We do apologise to our keen volunteers for calling off events. We know how therapeutic getting out into nature can be, and how we all look forward to those stewardship sessions.

The scheduling and rescheduling can become quite chaotic, and we do hope we haven't left anyone waiting in a park for our Ranger to appear!

In the current situation it's hard to know when a particular event is on or off; how many people can? and under what circumstances?

Our rule of thumb is that if there is a snap lockdown, all volunteer events are cancelled. Once we are allowed out again, we pick up the next events on our calendar.

Please keep any eye on our Facebook page, which will always be up to date.