Parklands: How to Paint the Picture?

Posted: 23 April 2015

Parklands is a unique organisation; neither government organisation nor corporate business but not-for-profit business, neither Victorian nor New South Welsh but regional, not community service or environment but community AND environment focused.  We see ourselves as developing people's capacities; to understand and appreciate the local landscape, to safely and competently be able to take action, to work with each other, and to participate in the community. Our vehicle is the local bush parks and reserves, which also benefit greatly as a result.

So how can we best portray what we do, how we go about it, and why? We seek your advice on getting the message 'out there', so that local people of all walks of life can see the opportunities and the possibilities we present.

Parklands Logo 1

We believe that we CONNECT -  people to nature, people to community and community to local environment.

We provide opportunities for people to EXPLORE - our regional Parklands, their own capabilities, experiences of outdoor work, participating in walks, rides and trail runs, being in the outdoors, and even finding hidden local  treasures! 

And by CONNECTING and providing opportunities to EXPLORE, we GROW - understanding of the local environment, people's skill and experiences, understanding and appreciation of different groups within our community, participation in caring for our park lands, and the local green economy.

Parklands Logo 2

Do you think CONNECT, EXPLORE and GROW describe what we do accurately? Do those words paint a picture in your mind, or can you think of a better way to describe Parklands? Please send us your thoughts - we would love to hear your perspective.