Felltimber restoration success

Felltimber restoration success

Posted: 22 March 2021

Felltimber creek residents are justly proud of the progress made in restoring the creek behind Lambourn Drive over the last five years.

A huge community effort in enlisting support, pulling together partnerships and finding funding, combined with a lot of volunteer labour, has kept the restoration rolling along.

Weeds including large willows, wild figs and blackberry infestations have been removed.  Almost 1000 native seedlings were planted during community planting mornings between 2017 and 2019 - all plants that provide food and habitat for threatened species. Nest boxes have been installed to provide homes for Squirrel gliders.   

Dedicated neighbours have taken the time to water, keep the grass down and remove weeds between the new plants, to give them the best opportunity at survival. Locals have also monitored for the return of weeds, and checked the nest boxes for occupancy.

The dedication has worked. Several years down the track, the plantings are successful, with minimal losses and young plants growing well. Vigilant neighbours are ensuring weeds are noted and treated. The birdlife in the area is thriving.  Despite European honey bees taking over one nestbox, others are definitely in use by the intended occupants - gliders.

Successfully supporting these threatened arboreal mammals in an urban area is exciting news for Wodonga residents, showing that every person and every situation can contribute to saving our special wildlife. Congratulations to the Friends of Felltimber Creek, Wodonga Urban Landcare Network and Wodonga Council for enabling this terrific restoration success story.

The same community planting, almost 3 years on