Update on McFarlanes Hill Regional Park

Posted: 21 July 2020

PAW are currently working with @WodongaCityCouncil, @DELWPHume and mountain bike group representatives to develop a number of mountain bike trails at various difficulty levels at McFarlanes Hill, Wodonga.

This work will involve the closure of inappropriately located trails and the realignment and upgrading of others to avoid impacting sensitive environmental and cultural heritage sites in the area.

Before any works can be done, appropriate planning and statutory approvals must be granted, which includes approvals for the management of native vegetation and Aboriginal cultural heritage.

PAW have appointed a consultant to prepare a Cultural Heritage Management Plan and work on this started on site last week.  Once the CHMP is approved, appropriate planning approvals will be sought from DELWP and City of Wodonga.

When these approvals are granted, engagement with the community and stakeholders will occur.  When this consultation is completed, works will commence on the agreed trails.

This work will provide sustainable access and use for walkers, bike riders and the community wishing to visit the regional park while removing trails from sensitive areas.