Huon Reserve facilities taking shape

Huon Reserve facilities taking shape

Posted: 21 February 2019

A new shelter, fabricated at the Parklands depot on Gateway Island, is en-route to Huon Reserve today. Made ready for the trip with some ingenuity, the framework is travelling in sections, ready to be put together on site.

The shelter will be installed by Parklands rangers as part of the facilities upgrade at this key location of the High Country Rail Trail. New toilets have already been installed and a grand opening of the revamped facilities will be held as soon as power and water supplies are fully operational.

Huon Reserve, on the Hume Weir at Ebden, has attracted an increasing number of visitors since the opening of the iconic Sandy Creek Bridge on the High Country Rail Trail. The new facilities will be improve the experience for walkers, bike riders and travellers, and enable a broader range of events on this section of the Rail Trail. 

The grand opening is scheduled for Sunday 28th April, coinciding with the Tangamalanga Lions Club 'Milk Run'. 

Section one, ready to go.