Substitute Seniors Link Tour enjoyed by all

Substitute Seniors Link Tour enjoyed by all

Posted: 20 October 2016

There was a great turnout for the Seniors Link bus tour on Friday 14th October.

Originally planned as a visit to the Bhutanese Community Farm, the tour was diverted to more suitable sites when the farm was made inaccessible by floodwaters.

Alternative sites were easy to find - after all, what could be more contemporary and spectacular than a tour of the floods around Albury Wodonga?

Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) seniors who usually get together to play cards had planned this visit for months. They were not disapponted by the subsitute itinerary, including;

  • Bhutanese Community Farm to see the access point and floodwaters at their peak,
  • Huon Hill for spectacular views of the flood waters in the surrounding landscape,
  • The Bonegilla Migrant Camp, and
  • Lake Hume Village picnic area overlooking Hume Dam, with huge volumes of water churning through the generators.

Tilak, Mon and Budhi of the Bhutanese Community Farm had cooked up a storm of momo’s and chai to greet all the Seniors upon their arrival.

Many thanks to all of those who made this event a memorable one; Albury Wodonga Ethnic Communities Council, Seniors Link Program; Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau CALD Seniors Group and Nicole Stephens, their bus driver; Bhutanese Community Farm volunteers who pitched in to help with the cooking.

Exploring Huon Hill
Learning about the experiences of the Bonegilla migrants of the 1950's