Nestbox experience resonates with young and old

Nestbox experience resonates with young and old

Posted: 20 July 2017

Parklands rangers have delivered a series of nestbox field days on behalf of the Wodonga Urban Landcare Group over the past few months, with resounding success.

Participants of all ages have been treated to close encounters with Squirrel Gliders via some 'pretty cool' technology, and have learned how to install boxes, use monitoring equipment and upload data to a national Citizen Science database.

Youngsters attending the Clyde Cameron Reserve event were thrilled to find gliders resident in almost-new boxes. For others, installing boxes along the Rail Trail just topped off a fascinating morning of connecting with nature.

The idea behind the series is to upskill community members to enable them to monitor local nestboxes and get involved with this citizen science project on an ongoing basis. Both Parklands and the Landcare Network have equipment available for community use to enable local people to get involved.

Parklands ranger Shane Vanderwerf is our resident expert in glider nestboxes; scaling trees to install boxes in the right aspect and position, instructing participants in connecting up the digital pole camera, tablet and GPS for monitoring and mapping, and a font of knowledge in glider behaviour, habitat needs and how we can help them to thrive in our urban environments.

Shane will deliver the final event in this series on Monday 24th; installing boxes along the Murray River on Gateway Island (see our Eventbrite page to participate).

Enquiries regarding joining our Nestbox Network citizen science project are most welcome: please contact us at 

This project has been gratefully funded through the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning's Threatened Species Community Action Grant program.

Parklands encourages community stewardship of Albury-Wodonga's unique network of environmental lands. Community groups and residents interested in 'on ground' work or enabling recreational activities on Parklands managed lands are welcome to contact us to discuss options. Any works on Parklands-managed lands require written permission. Please contact us at

Positioning the box - southeast is best, on the right sized tree.
Nestboxes are for everyone!
Another new home up.
Using the pole camera - and the thrill of finding residents.