Supporting our local Wildlife Shelters

Posted: 20 February 2020

In an earlier article we listed links to several Craft Guilds where talented crafters are using their sewing and making skills to provide emergency wildlife care items.

While the kindness and support is  greatly appreciated, our local wildlife shelters report that since the fires they have been overwhelmed by donations of crafted items from as far afield as Tennessee, USA and Switzerland! Unfortunately many of these items are not appropriate or useful in our area, leaving local shelter volunteers with the task of dealing with redistribution of these items.

Wildlife shelters have ongoing needs such as facility upgrades and supply of specialist and fresh foods which are best sourced by staff, when they are needed and for the particular purpose. To meet these needs, funds are the best donation we ordinary citizens can possibly give now.

One shelter that is in dire need of funds is Bellaboo Wildlife Shelter in Corryong. These volunteers are definitely 'boots on the ground' at the moment, travelling miles and miles to do food and water drops for the very few animals that survived those horrific Corryong fires. See their work on their Facebook page.
Donations details are:

Bellaboo Wildlife Shelter direct donations via EFT to BSB: 633000 Account: 159069806

Chiltern Wildlife Shelter donations page

Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter donations page

Staghorn Wildlife Shelter direct donations via EFT to BSB: 013920 Account: 503603137