Soaks come into their own with La Nina

Soaks come into their own with La Nina

Posted: 20 August 2020

The Bureau of meteorology has us on alert for a La Nina spring in 2020, and certainly recent rains are tracking towards a wetter than usual season.

This is the time when wetlands – natures natural filters, especially in times of significant stormwater run-off, come into their own.  The better quality the wetlands, as pictured here, the less erosion of our rivers and creeks as the water is slowed down and cleansed by the reeds and rushes before slowly oozing into the waterway.

So too are the many soaks in the hills around Albury Wodonga.  These healthy gully systems and soaks quite literally soak up the rain and hold it in the soil to slowly ooze out over the drier months.

Next time you're looking for a walk, head to the hills and note the water trickling and soaking into the natural soaks of the bush reserves, or take a quite walk at Ryans Lagoon, to feel the calm of the still waters there.