Supporting Ryans Lagoon Wetlands

Supporting Ryans Lagoon Wetlands

Posted: 20 August 2020

You would think that these large River Red Gums would be great homes for our many native fauna.  However, it can take hundreds of years for these gum trees to develop natural hollows. 

In the interim, Parklands rangers have been installing nestboxes across the Ryans Lagoon Wetlands to provide homes for gliders. Combined with planting many more Silver Wattles and other local provenance seedlings as tucker, we aim to ensure these threatened species are protected into the future and their population recovers.

Neighbours report a decline in pest animal numbers thanks to the efforts of our volunteer pest control team who have been consistently monitoring and controlling the deer (refer photo of paw print), foxes and rabbit population over recent years. 

Thank you to the North East Catchment Management Authority for their financial support to implement key recommendations of the Ryans Lagoon Wetland Management Plan. 

The magnificent river red gums of Ryans Lagoon
Spot the deer print! Deer have been damaging the soils and vegetation in the wetlands.