GoodTel solves telecomms challenges

GoodTel solves telecomms challenges

Posted: 20 August 2020

Telecommunications have been an ongoing challenge at the Parklands office on Gateway Island.

Along with periodic flooding, the large water surfaces of the quarry lakes and surrounding waterways have literally drawn lighting to target our system with what seems like increasing frequency in recent years.

Being at the “end-of-the-line” for the old land line communications system, and with no future prospects of NBN connection at our Gateway Island location, we have been searching for a reliable alternative. 

Enter GoodTel, a social enterprise telco that donates half it's profits to good causes.

PAW wish to thank GoodTel for their support in transitioning our office from reliance on unreliable landlines to wi-fi internet and phones.

Gone are the days when PAW staff pick up the landline phone to hear nothing but crackling down the line and the internet falling out due to water in the landline.

Not only has our phone bill fallen by 300%, we know that half the proceeds of these bills are donated by GoodTel to our nominated charity; Greening Australia. 

GoodTel is the first telco in Australia that commits 50% of its profits to help people and the planet. We are so pleased to know our telecommunications budget is also helping Greening Australia to continue planting trees to restore ecosystems.

Please help this social enterprise “spread their goodness” by considering a switch of telecommunications companies.