Unfolding season delights wildflower walkers

Unfolding season delights wildflower walkers

Posted: 02 November 2017

A mere two weeks on from our last Wildflower Walk in Castle Creek Conservation Reserve and the mix of wildflowers out has changed completely.

Participants in this week's walk led by ranger Dan Jones were amazed by the proliferation of a whole range of new flowers in place of those we saw just a fortnight ago. Fringe Lily, Grass Trigger Plant, Yellow Rush-Lily, Bulbine Lily and Yam Daisy were all spotted this time. Groups of Blue Pincushions, yellow everlasting daisies and Milkmaids in profusion made a beautiful picture on the slopes. The various pea flowers were all still out, but starting to form seed pods as well now.

Meanwhile the orchid and lily species finished flowering had retreated back to being almost impossible to spot and identify - a feature of our amazing bush wildflowers. 

We were excited to note there are still species yet to flower - perhaps another guided walk is in order!

Visitors to the Reserve are always welcome and pedestrian gates provide free access for walkers. Please keep dogs on a lead, leave the bush as you find it and take only photos. AND watch for snakes!

Photos below all taken on the walk 1st November.

Bulbine lily
Blue Pincushion
Grass Trigger Plant
Black-Anther Flax Lily
and the gorgeous Fringe Lily