Guard recycling season is here

Guard recycling season is here

Posted: 02 August 2018

It's the perfect time of year for recycling tree guards, and Parklands volunteers have been hard at it.

School and community volunteers from the Murray Valley Centre, Catholic College Wodonga, Corrections Victoria and other organisations have been busy removing thousands of coreflute guards from previous plantings in bush parks. In a team effort, guards are separated from stakes and packed into recycled agricultural feed bags for transport and sorting at the Parklands depot.

From there, other volunteer teams are taking this year's seedlings, along with recycled guards and stakes, out to new plantings in the region.

Thanks to all our volunteers who cheerfully undertake this important part of the bush restoration cycle, and help us do our bit for recycling as well.

MVC volunteers collect guards from the well-grown plants

Catholic College students blitz the guards on Federation Hill