Home DIY: Deconstructing your old mattress

Home DIY: Deconstructing your old mattress

Posted: 02 April 2020

If you have old mattresses at home, consider pulling these apart yourself for re-use and recycling. It will save you money and save the environment too as you prevent mattresses from ending up in landfill.

According to Sustainability Victoria, an average mattress contains 12.5kg of steel, 2kg of wood and 1.5kg of foam. These components can be separated for recycling, in the process diverting thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill each year.

There are plenty of instruction clips, like this one, on how to approach the task on Youtube. You can take the recyclable parts to the Waste Transfer Station in Albury and Wodonga, at no cost.  

Alternatively, use the parts yourself for your garden art projects! An inner spring frame can be put to use as great vegetable climbing frame, a gate, a sculpture in your garden or somewhere to hang pots of water for birds, safely away from the domestic cat or dog.