Plans afoot on Felltimber Creek

Plans afoot on Felltimber Creek

Posted: 19 November 2015

The Friends of Felltimber Creek are investigating the possibility of tackling the overgrowth of woody weeds choking the creek at the western end of Felltimber creek Rd near Dalton Avenue.

Mature exotic trees – willows, elms, false acacias - and a mass of seedlings are causing the creekbed to move towards residences and undercut large eucalypts estimated to be well over 400 years old.

A reconnaissance walk today found a wide variety of woody weeds including blackberries in full bloom, privet and wild fruit trees, and garden escapees including ivy, yucca and agapanthus. Dumped garden waste is also adding to the burden of weeds.

The area has some magnificent specimen Box and River Red Gums and some remnant native understorey which could form the basis of a rich habitat zone given removal of the woody imposters and concentrated replanting.

The Friends of Felltimber Creek hope to engage local residents in a clean-up project in 2016.

Blackberries in full bloom - potential for thousands of seedling next year...
Ivy coats the banks and trees...
False Acacias force the steambed to the left, eroding the bank close to residences.

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