Parklands Finalist in local Business Awards

Posted: 18 June 2015

Parklands' focus on looking after it's people has earned the organisation a place as a finalist in Albury Wodonga Chamber of Commerce 2015 Business Awards.

The Excellence in Health and Wellness category is all about a demonstrable commitment to employee health and wellbeing, and Parklands views this as a core feature in our approach to environmental health.

Community ranger Ant Packer describes Parklands approach as "Taking care of the people first builds their personal resilience, gives them a sense of balance and confidence in their place in the world, and from there they can look after the environment". Parklands encourages outdoor physical activity by the very nature of the work we do. People learn by experience and are able to follow through on very satisfying practical tasks, bringing a great sense of achievement. Most importantly, the workplace builds a sense of community in working towards a common and worthy goal, which has enormous benefits to people's sense of wellbeing.

Parklands rangers and volunteers are living examples of how being involved with caring for the environment has made a difference to their physical and mental health, with a wealth of personal stories to tell.

Teamwork, good exercise, a beautiful day and a challenging job on hand...

A job well done can't help but give a great sense of achievement!