Parklands call for more connections

Parklands call for more connections

Posted: 18 January 2022

Ecological corridors at both landscape and local scale are a vital tool in helping species adapt to climate change. Landscapes changing character due to climate mean native species need to find new habitats, and individuals need linkages that allow them to move freely between habitats.

While conservationists have been aware for decades of the need for physical connectivity of habitat, climate change adds enormous complexity to the planning task. Corridors that are critical in today’s environment may become rarely or never used, while corridors of the future may well need to be in new locations altogether.

The Conservation Corridor organisation aims to bridge the science and practice of conservation corridors and connectivity in a changing climate. If you are interested in practical conservation methods, their website is a trove of information and resources on corridors and connectivity across the world.

Closer to home, Parklands welcome partnerships to plant corridors and extend the revegetation work we do in Crown lands onto private and other public lands. if your business or organisation would like to plant out local corridors in 2022, please contact us on