Huon rail history bound for a new lease of life.

Huon rail history bound for a new lease of life.

Posted: 17 May 2021

This week we watched with mixed feelings as rolling stock that has been a part of the landscape of Huon Reserve for years was removed by the volunteer-run Yarra Valley Railway group.

Although very sad to see them go, we acknowledge that it is good news for these old rail relics. The railway wagons removed this week are in such good condition that the Yarra Valley Railway group will be able to fully restore them. In time they will be back on the rails and running on their tourist railway line between Yarra Glen and Healesville.

Two vandalised rail motor cars have previously been removed from Huon Reserve and meticulously restored by the group.  Check out the condition of this restored rail motor car; now back on the rails and being used as a rail motor car!  One of the railmotor trailers that was previously transported from Huon Reserve is currently under restoration in their shed.

and after restoration!

A big thank you to the Yarra Valley Railway volunteers for the many hours that they invest in restoring and operating these historic trains.  The Yarra Valley Railway is a community organisation operated by volunteers. The railway is a tourist railway with their goal to restore and operate heritage trains between Healesville and Yarra Glen.

Yarra Valley Railway restores and operates both passenger and goods rolling stock.  Check out some photos of their rolling stock and infrastructure restorations below.  All the rolling stock and infrastructure in these pictures has been restored to operating condition by Yarra Valley Railway volunteers.

The High Country Rail Trail Committees and Parklands Albury Wodonga are keen to retain the railway heritage at Huon Reserve. We welcome creative suggestions from community to help this happen. Perhaps you know an artist with a concept to replicate these wagons in some format, or some old railway carriages that are not serviceable but could be made safe for the general public...

Please contact us with any leads: or 0260 236714.


Old wagon before restoration
Final touches on the restored wagon
Yarra Glen Station, lovingly restored by the group.
Volunteers from Ford after a rail working bee
Restored carriages - beautiful!