At 85, Merv hangs up his bow saw

At 85, Merv hangs up his bow saw

Posted: 17 March 2016

Merv Corkett is a West Albury local, born and bred. His grandparents and broader family all lived along the river and Merv has called the area home all his life.

Merv has been working with the Friends group in Padman-Mates Park since the early 1990's when the group first formed. The impetus was a 'weed busters' event, and Merv has been a stalwart weed buster ever since.

Merv has enjoyed a daily walk in the park on the riverside track for many years, and whenever he has seen a need, has happily cleared the path or done what was needed to make the park a better place for all. In the company of the Friends volunteers, Merv attended many regular Wednesday working bees and weekend events clearing rubbish and woody weeds and replanting the native bush.

The track he has kept clear for all these years is now to be closed in favour of a different path. Although he still has plenty of interest in the park, Merv has taken this as a signal that it is time to hand his trusty bow saw back to Parklands.

Parklands will miss Merv's constant interest, initiative and willingness as a Friend of Padman-Mates Park. We thank you sincerely Merv for all of your hard work in restoring this beautiful bush park and making it a place for everyone to enjoy.