Volunteers work acknowledged

Posted: 17 December 2015

More than twenty volunteers gathered for a picnic lunch by the river today as Parklands staff thanked them for their fanstastic efforts enhancing the bushlands around Albury Wodonga and region this year.

Ranger Danny Jones put it perfectly when he said "Its often Parklands gets the thanks, but its you guys who they are really thanking, and we want to acknowledge that".

The gathered volunteers included the current Green Army team, Community Market Garden representatives, and bush restoration volunteers who have done everything from weeding, planting and fencing to bridge repair and building tracks.

Ranger David Saxton acknowledged the terrific amount of work achieved with by all - testament to volunteer's willingness to 'get in and get it done', and how much staff appreciate the knowledge and skills volunteers always bring to the job.

While Parklands is closing down for a few weeks over summer, the Community Market Garden is still open for volunteer assistance. Rohit and the team will be there daily from 8am watering, weeding and upgrading infrastructure, and would welcome any helping hands, even for just an hour a day.

Community Ranger Ant Packer shares pizza and a cool drink with Dallas Thompson
Greg Anderson and John Pearson are old hands with Parklands and enjoy the outdoor work.
Green Army team members Adam Sefton (standing) Jimmy Schipper, Tahlia Braut, and Daniel Koplick find some shade and make the most of the setting.
Jay Crosbie has been with Parklands for 6 months and has experienced a wide range of bushland improvement jobs.
Ranger David Saxton shares pizza with old hands Dallas Thompson and Bob Eisentraut.
John Brown has been volunteering with Parklands 2 days a week for almost 6 months now.
John Tripptree relaxes by the river. John has been working with Rangers Dave Saxton and Tim Alexander for the last 6 months on enhancing the bushlands.
Kim Radnell, Green Army Team Supervisor enjoys a chat with Ant Packer.
Terry Hensgen, Dan Jones and John Canavan share stories in a shady spot.
Rohit Khulal updates everyone on the progress of the Market Garden