Community funds Railtrail Restorations

Community funds Railtrail Restorations

Posted: 17 August 2017

Creative resourcing and volunteer know-how continue to drive the current restoration projects along the High Country Rail Trail.

Volunteers from the Tallangatta Action Group and the Bonegilla Action Group have put their heads together to enable restoration of both Fulford Bridge and the Dry Forest Creek trestle bridge.

The Bonegilla group have contracted the Tallangatta group to redeck the 25m Fulford Bridge and replace the handrails. Timber has been sourced from farmers across the disctrict and is being milled locally to suit the requirements of the job.

In turn, the Tallangatta group will use the funds raised through the contract to finish the restoration of the Dry Forest Creek trestle bridge - a long held goal.

Thanks for your patience while this work is underway. It should only take a few weeks, weather permitting. Meanwhile a 1.2km diversion is in use along the Murray Valley Highway.