Hume and Hovell Track a perfect hike away

Posted: 15 September 2020

In the last six months Parklands rangers have focused on tackling those jobs that are less suitable for volunteer teams. That may be due to difficult access or steep terrain, or just the nature of some not-so-enjoyable activities like stripping barbed wire fences, weed spraying and woody weeding on steep hill country.

Last week rangers hiked into the Woomargama section of the Hume and Hovell Track to do some maintenance ahead of peak hiking season. After 7km of steep walking from Tunnell Road through the Woomargama National Park, interspersed with clearing fallen branches from the track, they did come across a rather large issue; too large for the equipment on hand! This job had to go on the list for another day... 

The bush along the track is absolutely jumping with spring activity. We highly recommend a walk - see our article last week with suggested walks.