Getting into nature: a simple gift for mental restoration

Getting into nature: a simple gift for mental restoration

Posted: 15 November 2021

Last weekend marked the 21st World Kindness Day, the global day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world.

The purpose of this day, celebrated on November 13 of each year, is to help everyone understand that compassion for others is what binds us all together.

Parklands acknowledge the current anxieties in Albury Wodonga with so many Covid19 cases and the impacts that the restrictions have had. Working from home, closed schools, online learning, loss of employment, loss of custom and so many businesses struggling have taken their toll on us all.

A little kindness is needed more than ever.

We know that since autumn 2020 many local people have kept themselves mentally and physically healthy and maintained a sense of connection by getting out for regular walks in nature. The use of walking trails in our bush reserves increased significantly in 2020 and remains high.

Being in nature really does bring a ‘breath of fresh air’ to mind and body. Nature is both restorative and protective for general mental health. Getting into nature has been shown to improve concentration, learning, problem solving, critical thinking capacity and creativity, enhance mental health and wellbeing, contribute to physical fitness and provide social engagement.

The Inspire Kindness website has many suggestions for ways in which we can show kindness, as individuals, communities and businesses.

Knowing the benefits of immersion in nature, we have a simple idea for those that are able. If you know someone who is unable to get themselves out and about, for whatever reason, take them out into nature for that gift of mental restoration. The benefits may be profound.