Wodonga Rail Trail: Transforming the view over many back fences

Wodonga Rail Trail: Transforming the view over many back fences

Posted: 14 May 2015

Local residents are calling for input from others interested in the creation of the Wodonga Rail Trail.

A small group of volunteers have formed the Wodonga Railtrail Advisory Group to assist Parklands in creating a rail trail on the old rail corridor through the city. The group provides community input into planning and trail creation events and activities, advising and working on every aspect from plans to fundraising, placement of benches and signage to planting out habitat and amenity gardens.

The group have followed the decomissioning of the railway with interest and have assisted Parklands to obtain funds from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning for a Birdscaping project. They are currently working on plantings to creat bird habitat along the corridor, and hope to interest residents along the route in what promises to be a dramatic change in the landscape over their back fences.

If you have some time available and an interest in the project, either as a potential user of the trail or a direct neighbour, please contact the group at railtrail@parklands-alburywodonga.org.au or come along to our first planting day and update on 14th June. There is no obligation and whatever level of involvement suits you is most welcome.