Setting up Gardens for Wildlife on Huon Creek

Setting up Gardens for Wildlife on Huon Creek

Posted: 11 April 2019

A Gardens for Wildlife morning held last Sunday in the new estate off Huon Creek Road attracted great interest from families building in the area.

The event featured a 'Bare block to habitat garden' presentation by well known local horticulturalist Sue Brunskill, as well as a 'Pesky Pests' demonstration walk by Parkland's Corbin Geyer in the nearby reserve.

Sue presented a range of plant options to meet easy maintenance and low-water gardening needs, emphasising how important a diversity of plants, flowers and structure is to creating wildlife habitat. 

Corbin took along his ferrets and terrier to assist with a demonstration 'Pesky Pests' walk in the reserve, exploring rabbit and fox hiding places and the various options to manage them on private land. If you'd like to join Corbin at the next Pesky Pests walk and talk in Baranduda, please put Sunday 2nd June in your diary and keep an eye out for the event post on Facebook. 

Gardens for Wildlife Albury Wodonga is a program run by the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network. Parklands have partnered with WULN and the G4W program this year to provide the latest information and options for urban residents trying to deal with pest animals like rabbits, foxes and feral cats, as these are the animals causing such destruction of our local native plants and animals. See more on the G4W page at

This event was supported by the Victorian Government through the Victorian Landcare program. Photos by G4W Project Oficer Lizette Salmon;


Gardens for Wildlife display and information
Plant give-aways for new residents proved popular!
Sue Brunskill demonstrates some great wildlife habitat plants
Corbin points out the not-so-desirable habitat for feral pests