Tree Day crowns Baranduda's Middle Creek restoration efforts

Tree Day crowns Baranduda's Middle Creek restoration efforts

Posted: 10 August 2017

Baranduda Landcare's recent Community Tree Day planting of more than 2000 native plants crowns the incredible efforts of this group of residents to rescue the Middle Creek corridor from an overwhelming mass of environmental weeds.

On Sunday 30th July, 65 community volunteers planted a future habitat heaven for native birds and wildlife. This follows years of partnership building, project submissions and plain hard work to plan and execute the removal of environmental weeds from huge old Willows down to european pasture grasses like phalaris.

Maintaining the integrity of the native ecosystems that give Baranduda it's character, while nurturing those recreational passions that move people to care for our unique bush is the challenge of the times. Baranduda Landcare are working with that challenge from the ground up.

The success of this Tree Day event stems from the collaborative approach and thorough planning that has underwritten this amazing restoration project. Attending to the details like obtaining permission of the land manager, choosing the right mix of plants for the site and providing the right tools, Baranduda Landcare has created a fantastic community event on public land, enabling Baranduda residents to express their passion for their environment in a positive way.

For more photos and reports on the event, please see Baranduda Landcare's Facebook page.

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