Calling local Indigenous Artists

Posted: 01 October 2020

Parklands Albury Wodonga are excited to have secured funding for interpretive signage in the regional bush parks. The signage design includes banner artwork and we would like to make this an opportunity to showcase the work of our talented local artists.

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from local Aboriginal storytellers and artists to contribute to banner artwork and text for interpretive signage across the regional bush parks.

This includes text/stories and banner artwork for the Kiewa River Cultural Trail storybords at Killara, and themed banner artwork for 9 other parks.

The opportunity to participate is open to all. Signage in Victorian parks will reference Traditional Custodians and Dhudhuroa speaking country

 We encourage all with an interest to apply. Submission date for Expressions of Interest is 30th October.

The background information below includes examples signs and themes for the different localities. The EOI form allows prospective contributors to choose which signs they are interested in.

Please download the background information and EOI form below. Enquiries and EOI submissions to


Artwork from the Making Two Worlds Work project Women's Health Goulburn North East 2006



Background Information for Banner Artwork - all parks

Banner Artwork EOI form

Background Information for Kiewa River Storyboard Text

Kiewa River Storyboard Text EOI form