Big Give from a generous community

Posted: 01 June 2017

Last week Parklands rangers attended the Border Trust's 'Big Give' evening, where the Trust presented $290,000 in community grants to local projects.

Parklands are very pleased to have been awarded funds for our 'Tree Top Trail' project, which will provide quality vocational training for a diversity of volunteers in metal fabrication and fencing.

Through this project, chainmesh handrails will be installed along the Tree Top Trail at Gateway Island to make it safe for general public use. Once complete, this stunning trail will connect cyclists and pedestrians of all ages and abilities to the CBD of both Albury and Wodonga via the raised railway corridor through Gateway Island.

Attending the Big Give, we were struck by the diversity of community projects funded - all essentially by our community. These funds are all raised within the community and distributed back to worthy projects through Border Trust. The distribution of almost $300,000 this year is testament to the generosity and vision of our community and we are very proud to be a part of that.