Albury City Council

Albury City Council

Parklands is partnering AlburyCity, and the community in the environmental restoration of a range of bush reserves and remnant vegetation roadsides in Albury.  These currently include Padman-Mates Park, Oddies Creek (South Albury), Apex Park (Lake Hume), Eastern Hill, Mungabareena, Bungambrawartha Creek, Nail Can Hill and higher conservation value roadsides.

These projects are some of Parklands’ successes in terms of partnering with a key stakeholder and involving the community. Council is providing valuable cash and in-kind support.  In return, Parklands delivers triple bottom line outcomes.  That is, Parklands provides value for money whilst at the same time implementing environmental and social inclusion outcomes through involving a diversity of community volunteers and partner organisations in "learning by doing".

Cr Daryl Betteridge is a Director on our Board.

This partnership has grown from an initial focus on working alongside the community in the environmental restoration of Padman - Mates Park, West Albury. The 15ha fronting the Murray River in Padman Park, Albury, is being returned to bushland in a project bringing benefits to the river, the ecosystem and the community. 

The Padman - Mates Park project is part of the Murray River Experience, where AlburyCity is linking the River Murray from Mungabareena Reserve to the Wonga Wetlands through a series of trails to create a cultural and ecological experience for residents and visitors to Albury. The project is focusing on revegetation and habitat restoration on an important parcel of public land to the west of Albury Swim Centre.

The land has some 1500 metres of frontage to the Murray. Flora and fauna habitat links will be provided from the Hovell Tree Park, Monument Hill Parklands, Wonga Wetlands and the Murray River. This project has developed a strong partnership between parklands, AlburyCity, Riverina Institute of TAFE and many dedicated community members.

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