City of Wodonga

City of Wodonga

The City of Wodonga has been one of Parklands Albury Wodonga's strongest supporters over the past decade.  In the early years, Wodonga City Council out-sourced the management of bush parks in the Wodonga local government area to Parklands Albury Wodonga through a service agreement arrangement whilst Wodonga City Council focused resources on the more manicured urban parks.

In 2008, the Albury Wodonga Corporation formally transferred ownership of the second donation of bush reserves (Huon Hill, Federation Hill, Klings Hill, Mahers Hill, Flagstaff Hill and the Wodonga Retained Environmental Network lands) to the City of Wodonga.  Council decided to managed these bush reserves in-house and established it's own Environmental Lands Unit.

Whilst Parklands Albury Wodonga continues to undertake environmental projects on Wodonga Council owned land, this is currently limited to Developer-funded Offset Projects and projects being implemented in partnership with Baranduda Landcare Group and the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network. 

In addition to Council-owned environmental lands, there are over 2,300 hectares of Crown land in the Wodonga local government area which Parklands Albury Wodonga is responsible for as the appointed Committee of Management.  Staff and Board members continue to liaise with Wodonga Councillors and Officers in the planning and implementation of our twelve year Strategic Plan, working to shared vision for the regional parklands network.

From 1999 to 2012, Parklands Albury Wodonga the formally appointed land manager for the 10 hectare Bonegilla Migrant Experience Heritage Park.  Through the efforts of a diversity of partners (particularly the Bonegilla Migrant Experience Steering Committee, Albury City Council and City of Wodonga) and community members in organising numerous celebratory events and restoration works, this termite infested site was brought up to a standard where it was listed on the National Heritage Register and made safe for the general public to access interpretation sites.

Thank you to the City of Wodonga for formally taking over the Committee of Management responsibility of this national heritage listed site in September 2012.  The increased resources invested into this "birthplace of multiculturalism" is already bringing in high visitation numbers with an average of 10,000 visitors to the site in 2011.