Parklands Board and Management are committed to inclusive, community informed decision making.

Keeping our regional community informed of our plans and actions is key to ensuring this is possible. We do this through articles and information on our website, our Facebook page, media releases, our open subscriber e-newsletter The Understorey and stakeholder newsletters.

Feedback from community is important to informing our decisions. Presentations to the Board from community are most welcome, and can be arranged by contacting

Parklands Linkage to Community Policy includes a number of mechanisms to ensure that the organisation is accessible, responsive and balanced in decision making. These include;

a) Including information on our website communicating that presentations to the Board from community are welcome,
b) Seeking input from community annually via online survey on strategic direction,
c) Using online polls as and when the Board considers a strategic issue requires further input from community, and
d) Proactively inviting stakeholder groups to meetings where relevant to a particular Board Agenda item.

We urge community members to participate in these opportunities to help us make the best informed decisions we can about the bush parks and trails we manage.