Cara Dryden and Jess Barley - Volunteers

Cara Dryden and Jess Barley - Volunteers

 When they were interviewed, Cara Dryden and Jess Barley had been with Parklands as volunteers for just one day!

Why are you involved with Parklands?

Cara and Jess are travelling around the country, volunteering wherever they can to gain skills and experience in the areas they are passionate about. Cara's brother had worked with Parklands previously, so she knew they could expect to gain useful experience here.

What do you bring to Parklands?

Cara and Jess are particularly interested in wildlife management, wildlife rescue and animal handling. They bring passion and a keen interest in learning new skills.

What is your most memorable experience with Parklands?

Todays work installing nestboxes out at Splitters Creek. Cara and Jess installed 6 nestboxes on a beautiful bush farm in the valley. They are looking forward to viewing the nestbox cameras on their next trip out to the bush.