Phil Oates - Director

Phil has been a Director on the board of Parklands since 2010

Why are you involved? 

I retired some years ago after 36 years in the Tax Office. I had time to put in and Parklands were looking for an accounting type at the time.  I am a qualified accountant, have experience on committees and also appreciate the environment, being a former member of the Border Bushwalking Club. I was introduced to the club by my daughter, who did outdoor education and has a Queen Scout award, at an orienteering day.  She said she was going to take me out in the back yard with a compass and show me how to find the (6X4metre) shed!

What do you bring to Parklands Albury Wodonga?

Financial acumen and a desire to see as much of Albury Wodonga's bush parks and reserves opened up to local residents and visitors as possible. One of my greatest satisfactions is seeing areas opened up to everybody, and not just the lucky few.  I look forward to the time we can announce more walking tracks around the Murray and Kiewa rivers and other places.

What is your most memorable experience so far?

Driving with Ant and the other rangers into areas I did not know about.  I am an "explorer" - for want of a better word;  I like to see what is there.